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Consulting Services for Automotive Retail

The automotive industry is facing challenges never seen before in its history. While much attention is focussed on digital transformation, emission-free mobility and the software-defined vehicle, there is also fundamental change occurring within its retail operations. The traditional franchised dealer distribution model has not changed for decades, but with the advent of digital showrooms, online retail and OEM direct sales, the role of the dealer is being re-defined.

New brands with disruptive sales models have a clear cost advantage in sales and distribution over incumbent OEMs reliant on their franchised dealers. For these OEMs, still recovering from Covid and financing huge R&D investments in electrification, the cost advantages of new sales models cannot be ignored. A paradigm shift is taking place: The Agency Model.





My Story
Digital Transformation in Automotive Retail

Over the past 25 years, I have provided management, leadership and professional consulting services to clients in the automotive industry, on a global basis. From strategic dealer development initiatives to the implementation of technology platforms and tools, my focus has always been on building strong and results-driven relationships and business outcomes. Supporting the business needs of network development, dealer performance, business management and standards management, to online digital retail and the rollout of agency model programmes, my mission is to enable new distribution models and digital transformation in automotive retail. Get in touch to learn more about my services and consulting approach.

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